Friday, October 15, 2010

Walking in the light: the practice of truth - 1 John 1:5-10

John's goal was to testify about the Word of Life who was divine, became human, revealed himself so that we could have fellowship with Him, with the Father and with one another, then our joy would be complete. He came with a message and it's from it that our life of relationship with God is grounded.

What is the message given by Jesus to be announced?
In the message there is a strong contrast (two opposites). What's it?
What do you think about when you read about light and darkness?
What are the false affirmatives about fellowship with God(1 John 1:6,8,10)? What causes them?
What happens if we walk in the light?
If we sin, what do I have to do to deal with sin? What does God do when we confess our sins?

1-Living in darkness we can't have fellowship with God, so we have to confess our sins to become holy and innocent before God who is light, and keep on practicing the Word of God.

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