Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Week 11 - Devotional 2 - Simeon e Anna See the Baby Jesus – Under the Control of the Holy Spirit

Tuesday (13/05/2014) – Read Luke 2:25

1- How is Simeon described in the text above? What does it mean to be righteous?

2- The word “devout” is most of the time understood as “being religious”, what is not wrong. But to be devout includes more than an outside expression of faith. What does mean to you to be a devout person?

3- How do you understand the expression “and the Holy Spirit was upon him”? Could it be that the Holy Spirit was like a dove hovering over Simeon’s head? Or maybe Simeon’s was immersed on the Spirit who was covering him up? (See note 3). Could it be that to be righteous and devout were requisites for the Spirit to be upon him? What do you think? What if Simeon was not a righteous and devout person? By the other side, can we be righteous and devout by our own strength, without the action of the Holy Spirit on our lives?

4- When comparing your life to Simeon’s, could you say that you are a righteous and devout person? If not, what do you need to reach out that position? Do you feel the Holy Spirit is upon your life in the sense of using you, controlling you (this is the meaning of the Holy Spirit‘s action over Simeon’s life in the above text)?


1)- Righteous – (Greek, dikaios) – integrity; to be right, correct in character or act (to be innocent and holy by implication).
2)- Devout - (Gr. eulabes) – taking hold well (carefully) and with reverence (circumspectly).
3)- Was (Gr. en) – was; someone or something has (the control); hold; use. 

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