Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Saturday (10/05/2014) – Conclusion of Week 10’s Devotional

We must have in mind there are many good things in the world and many good feelings and attitudes, but they don't come from God, are not originated in God. They are originated in the world. Love may be a noble and very beautiful feeling, but if it doesn't come from God is as useless and condemnable as hate, free sex (out of marriage), murder.

When we talk about the love to the world we mean a selfish love, self-gratifying, not taking God or other people on account. It's a love that only thinks about itself and it's completely separated from God's love and will.

The world comes with elements to try to part us from God through forbidden desires dressed in an appearance of nobility with the appeal of the flesh, eyes or even pride. When we are armed with the Word, in a spirit of worship, believing on what God has done for us, in an attitude of a servant, generosity, simplicity, seeking to bear fruits in the Spirit  we are going to be able to do God's will, be filled with God's love and reach eternal life. May God bless you.

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