Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Week 9 - Devotional 5 – Jesus Teaches to Serve – We Are Blessed When We Practice What We’ve Learnt

Friday (02/05/2014) – Read John 13:12-17

Who is Jesus? Who is He for you?
Why did He wash His disciples’ feet?
After what we learn this week, how can we be blessed?

Jesus is the Master and the Lord, so He knows everything and He owns everything, He can do everything. If Jesus is Master and Lord and He still lowed Himself to a position of a servant to serve His disciples, so much more we do should do to serve. That’s why He says that the servant isn’t greater than his master. If the Master acts like that then the servant has a much greater responsibility as well.

But how are we going to learn how to serve? By practicing it. Jesus ended his lesson by saying that if we know this things (and now we know) the blessing will come when we start to practice it, to exercise it. Otherwise we will always be beyond God’s plan for us. Remember: to serve is a demonstration of love to the full extent.

Memory Verse:
 “Serve one another in love.”

Galatians 5:13c

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