Friday, November 19, 2010

The Effects of Unity (Part 4 of 5)

III. The Multiplying Effect (verse 3a): “It is as if the dew of Hermon were falling on Mount Zion.”

Unity is divine. It doesn’t originates from men (even though we should seek its life in our midst), but it has its origin in God. The dew comes from high above to down below. It comes from the sky towards the ground. Unity, in the same way, comes from God towards our lives and the Church.

The region of the Hermon is a fertile region and rich in vegetation. The specialists say that in deed there is a layer of dew that comes down from the Hermon mount, taken by the wind that waters the region around. It is clear that the description of dew reaching the Mount Zion (Jerusalem) is a hyperboles, an exaggeration, because Jerusalem is far from the Hermon a long distance, but the author’s reason here is to describe the point of prosperity and fertility (Genesis 27:28; Zechariah 8:12). And such is the power of this symbol that the devil tries to pervert it to become part of the cult of worship to Baal who was believed to be responsible for all the fertility and prosperity in the land. That’s was God’s reason, in the time of Elijah, to start a drought that remained three years and a half so that, through the prophesying of Elijah, to expose the false god of fertility.

What this represents for us today, as Church, is that beside all the fertility and material prosperity aspects (in all areas) liberated by unity, as we can see in the beginning of the church when they would share their possessions and nobody among them would suffer need (Acts 4:34,35), God, through unity, causes many conversions and multitudes to get closer to Himself (Acts 2:44-47). This gives start to a true ecclesiastic growth movement in amount of people, highlighted by the number of people in the vigor of their strength, desiring to present themselves before God in a voluntary way, dressed in clothes of worship, at the moment of the first glimpse of light (availability) (Psalm 110:3).

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