Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Way to Perfection

Mt. 5:48
God is perfect.

II Sa. 22:31; Ro. 12:2
The way (the purposes, the will, the plans) of God is perfect.

Dt. 18:13; Ge. 17:1
God demands perfection.

Heb. 7:28
Jesus was made perfect and we can be too.

Heb. 7:11
Human traditions can’t perfect us.

Heb. 7:19
The law can’t perfect us.

Hb. 9:9
Gifts and sacrifices can’t perfect us.

Ps. 119:96
Perfection has limits (a conclusion).

Php. 3:12
We are not perfect and we must press to achieve perfection.

I Co. 13:10
In our search for perfection we can only see things from our limited perspectives; the Lord will give an end to the partial perspectives and will bring whole and absolute truth.

Mt. 5:48
Our perfection (or search for perfection) must be a reflection of God’s perfection.

Job 10:18
Perfection begins in God.

Ps. 18:32
God is active in our process for perfection.

Heb. 6:1
The way to perfection: to abandon the elementary teachings of faith, replacing them for more solid food with practical application for our daily spiritual lives.

Mt. 19:21
The way to perfection: letting go of that (things and people) which prevent us of following Jesus.

Dt. 18:13
The way to perfection: holiness.

Ge. 17:1
The way to perfection: perfection is related to the walking in God’s presence.

Jn. 17:23
The way to perfection: unity transmitted by Jesus’ glory.

Heb. 2:10
The way to perfection: Jesus was perfected by suffering.

Heb. 5:9
The way to perfection: Jesus was perfected by obedience.

1 Jn. 2:5
The way to perfection: keeping the Word perfects God’s love in us.

Eph. 4:11-13
The way to perfection: the exercise of ministerial gifts perfect us to the fulfillment of ministry, full knowledge of Jesus, unity in the faith, stature of the perfection of Christ, and the building up of the Body.

Jas. 3:2
The way to perfection: to control the tongue and, consequently, the body leads to perfection.

Eph. 4:13
God’s aim is that we get to reach the stature of the perfection of Christ.

Php. 3:14,15
The perfect ones must have the attitude of pressing to the goal, the prize of the sovereign calling of God.

Heb. 13:21
The purpose of perfection is for us to accomplish God’s will.

Eze. 28:15
Sin destroys perfection.

What have I learnt?

· God has a plan for my life, what we normally call “the will of God” which is good, perfect and pleasing, and for us to accomplish this plan we have to be perfected daily in our spiritual journey. He expects that much because He is perfect and so can we be.

· In our limitation we can’t fulfill God’s will because our vision is limited and partial, but as we seek His presence, our vision gets clearer, and this adds to our walking towards perfection.

· Perfection can’t be reached on our own strength; it has to begin in God and be held by God. God gives the resources for us to achieve this maturity.

· Sin prevents us of reaching out to perfection.

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