Saturday, April 5, 2014

Conclusion of Week 5's Devotional

Despite many people use this prayer as a formula, repeating it daily (what is not wrong), it is more than that. It is a model for us to pray more effective prayers. Through this prayer Jesus was teaching that we should come before the God with adoration in our hearts, knowing that He is our Daddy and we have access to Him. We should seek to find what His will is so we can obey Him and help His Kingdom to be manifested here in Earth. Then we can bring our needs before Him, nor forgetting that He already forgave us and in the same way we should forgive those who offend us otherwise he won’t hear our prayers (Matthew 18:21-35), and not forgetting that many of our troubles are caused by our evil desires (lust) and our flesh who fights against the Spirit. We have to be aware that the devil is like a roaring lion going around us trying to devour us we should remember we can pray with all confidence because He has dominion over all things and He has all power to answer our prayers. May the Lord bless you!!!

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