Sunday, April 27, 2014

Week 8 – Devotional 4 – Jesus Heals 10 Lepers – Recognizing Jesus For Whom He Is

Thursday (44/04/2014) – Read Lk. 17:15,16

What happened after the lepers were cleaned?

What was the attitude of the one who returned to Jesus?

How he glorified God? Why?

What he did when he met Jesus?

What was his background?

1- When the healing happened the man saw it as a divine miracle. So his attitude was glorifying God in a loud voice. Imagine if you were a leper for years, with no human touch, acceptance, watching your flesh falling apart, with a bad stench. You would scream around giving glory to God. Are you doing that?
2- The former leper went back to Jesus because he saw Jesus’ divine nature. That’s why he humbled himself and gave thanks to Him. He recognized Jesus’ Lordship.
3- “_”and” he was a Samaritan” shows us that this should have been the other 9 lepers’ attitude because they were Jews. But it was a foreigner, considered as unclean, who saw Jesus for whom He really was.

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