Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Week 9 - Devotional 2 – Jesus Teaches to Serve – Serving: The Full Extent of Love

Tuesday (29/04/2014) – Read John 13:1-3

When is this event happening?

What did Jesus know?

How was the level of the love of Jesus for those considered His own in the world?

Who are these that Jesus refers as “His own in the world”?

What did the devil do?

What the Father did for Jesus?

Where Jesus came from? Where was He going to? What that teaches you about Jesus?

This is some of Jesus’ last moments. He already knows His destiny and His remaining time. In these last instances He starts to do what He knows how to do well: to love. How does He show this love? Serving. He already knew He was going to be betrayed and for whom. But in spite of that, He loved (including the betrayer). He loved His own in the world, meaning His disciples, and even those who are not. You are included as being one of them. He loves you and shows the full extent of His love by serving us. He serves us so that we can learn how to love those around us. Even when the end is coming near, Jesus doesn’t assume a fatalistic or depressive attitude. By the contrary, He tries to use His time in a productive way: serving.


To Serve – From Greek “leitourgia” is a Word originally used for citizens serving in public roles on their own. Later it passed to include military service or community work. In the New Testament it is used for the priestly ministry as well as for altruistic donations.  Another word used as a translation for “leitourgia” is ministry. So, a minister must be a servant. Who ministers over other lives must be a servant.

Memory Verse:
 “Serve one another in love.”
Galatians 5:13c

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