Saturday, April 12, 2014

  Saturday (12/04/2014) Conclusion of Week 6’s Devotional:

The key point for this week’s devotional is: to be transformed so that we can transform, or the testimony of transformation. Only when we fill ourselves with God and His Word, when we invite Jesus to be not a guest in the feast of our life but the bridegroom, when we obey Christ’s commandments and witness, and when we let ourselves be used by Jesus in spite of our weaknesses, limitations and imperfection, that’s when we are going to taste the profound impact of the Gospel in our lives and we will start to impact lives around us.

If Jesus is not alive in our lives, or if the jar of stone that is our heart is not full of the water of God’s Word, or if we don’t let this Word become a Revelation to the lost world, the world will never be saved and will always be living an inferior joy. What is your answer to this call of the Lord for your life? God bless you.

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