Friday, April 18, 2014

Week 7 – Devotional 5 – Working as a Team – Failures, Conflicts and Re-evaluating the Potential

Friday (18/04/2014) - Read Acts 15:36-41

What was Paul and Barnabas’ plan? Why Paul and Barnabas disagreed? What was the result of their disagreement? After have been separated by the Holy Spirit, sent by the church of Antioch, Paul and Barnabas left (Acts 13:3,4). Together with them was John Mark, Barnabas’ cousin (Colossians 4:10), but at the beginning of the trip Mark abandoned them, with no explanations (Acts 13:13). Paul wasn’t happy with this, and when he and Barnabas were planning a second trip to encourage the churches planted by them there was a disagreement between them. Barnabas wanted to take Mark along with them but Paul, because of the first experience with Mark, didn’t want. The disagreement was so grave they ended by splitting. Barnabas went with Mark to Cyprus and Paul chose Silas to go with him to encourage the established churches in Syria and Cilicia.

But don’t think that Paul and Mark’s relationship remained broken because of that. No, later in Paul’s ministry Mark became a co-worker in Paul’s ministry. In 2 Timothy 4:11 Paul ask Timothy to bring Mark with him because Mark was helpful to Paul. I believe that even with the disagreement with Barnabas, Paul learnt to see the potential and to create opportunities for people, even those that seem to be not so helpful before. Another good thing that happened from Paul and Barnabas’ disagreement is that now we have two mission teams instead of only one. And we see that even after the disagreement the left to strength the churches. So, people may fail you, but look for the potential in them, because they may still be helpful. There may be conflicts inside our ministry, but do not allow the conflict to restrain you to do God’s work. If you need to forgive, forgive. If restitution is necessary, restitute, but keep on strengthening the church.

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