Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 6 - Devotional 1 - Jesus Turns Water Into Wine - Inviting Jesus to the Main Event of Our Life

Monday (07/04/2014) - Read John 2:1, 2

Three days after Jesus chose his first disciples, he left the region of Jordan and returned to Galilee, where did he go? Who was there? Jesus was a social person. He didn't spend his whole time at the temple or synagogues. He spent time with people, having fun, observing, learning and teaching. How is your social life? You only walk with Christian people? Or just by yourself? What about the non-Christian people? It is when our non-Christian friends find themselves in need that we may have the right opportunity to witness to them about Jesus.

Jesus was invited for a wedding. Weddings are times for celebration. If you are married or dating, have you invited Jesus to be in your marriage/date? When you celebrate your victories do you remember of inviting Jesus to go along? Or do you only remember of call upon him at the trouble times?

Jesus's disciples were invited for the wedding too. Taking chronology in account, this is the first time the word "disciple" appears in relation to Jesus' ministry. What does mean to be a disciple?  Doesn't matter where you are, you still are a disciple of Jesus. It could be at your time of resting, entertainment, fun, etc., you still are a disciple of Jesus. How do you show you are a disciple of Jesus?

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