Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Devotional 1 - The Faith of the Syrophoenician Woman or The Silence of God

I will start a series of devotionals along with my articles. I started yesterday with the people here from China. I hope it may be a blessing to you too.

Just some tips before you start your devotional time:
1- Take a time to praise
2- Pray, confessing any sins
3- Rebuke the voice of the world, of the devil and of your self
4- Recognize you don't know everything
5- Ask for the leadership of the Holy Spirit
6- Read the Bible text
7- Wait a few minutes to see if the Holy Spirit talks to you somehow
8- Answer the questions at the beginning of the devotional
9- Read the commentary
10- Take time to pray, applying what you have learnt and to thank God.
God bless you.
Obs. We will be studying this story this whole week, looking at different perspectives. Share what you have learnt or what God has revealed to you.

03/03/2014 - Monday – Matthew 15:21-23

# Where Jesus withdrew to?

# Where was the woman that came to Him from?

# How was she trying to call His attention?

# What was her problem?

# What was Jesus first reaction?


  This text talks about a woman with a demon possessed daughter. This daughter may signify bound areas in our lives that are in a chronic state of defeat and destruction. Some people got a demon possessed marriage, or financial life, or romantic/emotional life, etc.

            That woman came crying out asking for help and Jesus simply ignored her. How would you feel if you were despised at the moment of anguish or pain? You cry out, seek, pray, go to crusades, and your answer still is loneliness, emptiness and pain. The given impression is that God rejected you and went away. You feel lonely and forsaken. The spirit of pride shows up and starts to tell you about how God forgot you, how He doesn’t love you and doesn’t care about you.

            Why do you think Jesus acted like that? Spend some time thinking about your reactions during God’s silence towards your prayers. Pray asking to God to help you to have the right attitude towards Him, even when it seems He isn’t anywhere to be seen and does not answer.

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