Thursday, March 13, 2014

Week 2 – Devotional 4 – Jesus Lives – Listening to a God Who Knows my Name

13/03/2014 - Thursday – Read John 20:14-17

# Who did Mary think was talking to her?
# What does the word “rabôni” mean?
# What did Jesus want Mary to do?
# Where was Jesus going to?

God is aware of our tears. He sees and cares when we cry. Maybe during this week you have been crying, or are worried, anxious or sad. God knows all of your circumstances and situations. John 11:35 tells us Jesus cried. He cries for me and for you. And He wants to know why we are crying and He is waiting for an answer. The best thing to do is to take our tears to Him in prayer.

Other thing for us to take note is that Jesus calls Mary by her name. Can you see? He knows us by our name. He is not too far away or busy that He can’t stop to say our name and spend time with us. Our problems are important for Him. At the end our answer should be to recognize God by whom He is. Jesus is the Master. It’s to Him that we should listen and obey.

Have you stopped to listen what He wants to tell you? Take some time in silence now (5 minutes) and try to listen what God is saying to the ears of your heart. 

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