Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Devotional 3 - The Faith of the Syrophoenician Woman - Worship Defeating Pride and Prejudice

05/03/2014 - Wednesday – Matthew 15:25-27

# What did the woman do after Jesus touched her sense of superiority?

# What did she ask Jesus to do?

# What was Jesus’ answer?

# Why do you think Jesus has answered that way?

# What was the woman’s reply?

The woman comes in an attitude of worship and defeats the Greek prejudice and nationalistic pride by asking Jesus to help her. Here comes Jesus’ third answer. Jesus offends her publicly. He didn’t consider her as human but put her at the same level as an unclean animal. But she overpowered the trauma of family rejection. She makes clear that Jesus was not only her Saviour, but her Owner and Lord as well. She humbles herself to the point where her pride gives the last breath of life.

How do you answer when you are humiliated? What are the things that make you feel lower? What should be your attitude when this happen? To cry? Get bitter? Give up life? Give up the relationships? To offend in the same level or worse than you were offended? Or should you go before the throne of grace and expose yourself for what you really are?

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