Thursday, March 27, 2014

Week 4 – Devotional 4 - Jesus Teaches About Salvation – God’s Love

27/03/2014 – Thursday – Read John 3:16-21

1- Why the Lord gave up his son? What did that mean? Have you ever worried that something has happened to separate you from God’s love? Have you ever felt far away from Him (especially after you have done something that you know is wrong)? Have you ever been so depressed or overwhelmed by the stuff of life that you forgot to even think about God? Our feelings often tell us it is impossible for God to still love us after all that has happened. The Bible tells us it is impossible for God to ever change His mind about us. Read Romans 8:35-39.

2- Why did God send His Son to the world? What is the destination of whoever believes in Jesus? And the end of those which don’t believe? The condemnation is done based in what?

3- Who is the light that came to the world? Why did men love darkness instead of light? How is described one who does evil? How is described one who lives by truth? What does mean “to live by the truth”? 

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