Saturday, March 8, 2014

Devotional 5 - The Faith of the Syrophoenician Woman - The Key to Open the Door for Grace

07/03/2014 - Friday – James 4:6,7; 1 Peter 5:6

# What does God give to us?
# Is this grace given to anyone?

# What does happen to the proud?

# What do we have to do before we resist the devil?

# What will happen once we submit ourselves to God and resist the devil?

# What is the process to be lifted up by God?

# When is this honoring taking place?

Before God resists the devil, He resists the proud. God’s worse problem is not the devil, it’s the proud ones. God’s great challenge is the harden heart of man. God will confront all our pride, our independence, our self justice and every frivolous judgement that comes from a hurt pride.

After God resists the proud, then He will honor the humble one. Grace and pride do not mix together. God’s favor and the abundance of His Kingdom are linked to the heart purified from all arrogance and pride. Humility is the key to open the door for grace. Through it we receive a capacity from God to win over the power of sin. To submit to God is to have the capacity to face the trials in humility and to relate to God’s treatment, understanding its importance and purpose as master keys to unlock the demonic chains. This process builds a platform of authority through which we can resist the devil and he will have no other option but flee. This may mean a certain period of time will be spent where we will battle through humiliation. As we can bear this humiliation, submitting ourselves to the divine discipline, the devil has got no more ground to exercise his authority and to hide himself. He becomes an easy, clear and unarmed target.

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