Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Week 4 – Devotional 3 - Jesus Teaches About Salvation – Our Testimony

26/03/2014 – Wednesday – Read John 3:9-15

1- The testimony of Jesus was based on what? How was the acceptance of his testimony? Who did not accept it? What about your testimony? It is based on what? Is it in theoretical concepts or in life experience? Is it in human knowledge or in divine revelation? In the natural realm or in faith? What is the acceptance? Why?

2- Did Nicodemus understand what Jesus was saying? Why not? Can the natural mind, the wisdom of this world, comprehend the heavenly things? Why?

3- Who has gone into heaven? Who did come from heaven? Who is the Son of Man?

4- Why did Moses lift up the snake in the desert (Numbers 21:4-9)? What was the people’s sin? How were they healed? What was supposed to happen to the Son of Man? How can the world have eternal life?

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