Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Week 2 - Devotional 2 - Jesus Lives - The Witnesses

11/03/2014 - Tuesday - John 20:1-9

 # Who went to the tomb on the first day of the week?
# What did she see? What did she do then?
# Who ran to the tomb?
# What they saw?
# What they didn’t understand?

Mary Magdalene arrived first. Something was not right. The stone of the tomb was removed and Jesus’ body was not there. She ran and told Peter and John about it who them ran to the tomb to find the same picture. John was the second to go in and He says he saw and believed. They didn’t understand Jesus’ words or the prophecies declaring Jesus to live again.  Jesus only dying for our sins but not rising again would not be enough for us to be saved. The wage of sin is death, but as Jesus have no sin (even though He took the sins of the whole world over Himself) death could not hold Him. He overcame death and He gives us the power to win over death. Peter and John were witnesses to the fact Jesus was not dead, he had risen. Today we are the witnesses. 

If you had to give any evidence why you believe Jesus is alive, what evidences would you give? Write some of the reasons why you believe Jesus is alive. 

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