Thursday, March 6, 2014

Devotional 4 - The Faith of the Syrophoenician Woman - Faith Being Increased by Humility

06/03/2014 - Thursday – Matthew 15:28

# What was Jesus reply to the woman’s statement?

# What was the end result of this experience?

# What would happen if the woman had let her pride speak louder?

# Can you relate to this woman experience?

# Could it be that your pride has hindered you from receiving God’s blessings?

Jesus was surprised by such statement of humbleness. He got to take her to the full point of deliverance. We can see that her faith was increased by humility. Through humility the chains were broken and every curse was made ineffective. Faith has everything to do with the ability to act in humility. Where there is humility, there is faith. Where there is pride, there will be many demonic strongholds lifted up. How are you going to deal with your pride? What are you going to do when God opposes your pride?

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