Saturday, March 29, 2014

Week 4 – Devotional 5 - Jesus Teaches About Salvation – Life Changing

28/03/2014 – Friday – Read John 7: 50,51; 19:39,40

1- Based on the above texts, do you think Nicodemus was born again? Why?

2- The mixture of myrrh and aloes brought by Nicodemus was for what? He had before come to meet Jesus by night, hidden. What about now? Why the change of attitude?

3- Take a time to remember the day you were born again? How did happen? Who did introduce you to Jesus? What did you feel when you heard the words of eternal life being shared with you? What changed in your life? The fire of the first love is still burning strong or is quenched? Remember you didn't deserve it, but God loved you and still loves you. He sent Jesus to die for you. Take a time to pray now so that the flame of your first love, a sense of gratitude and joy for the gift of salvation may come to be stirred in your life.

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