Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 4 – Devotional 1 - Jesus Teaches About Salvation – Spiritual Revelation x Rational Understanding

24/03/2014 - Monday – Read John 3:1-4; Ephesians 2:2, 3; Romans 8:15

1.  Who was Nicodemus? What was the common attitude of the Pharisees towards Jesus? When did Nicodemus go to speak to Jesus? Why do you think he chose this time to meet Jesus? How did he address Jesus? What does this title means?

2.    What did he say in relation to Jesus? How did he know Jesus had come from God? When people look at you do they know God is with you? How? Nicodemus only made reference to external signs (miraculous signs). What other signs can show that God is with us?

3.    What was Jesus answer? What does mean “to see the kingdom of God”? What are the requirements to enter the kingdom of God? What do you think it means “to be born again”? What does Ephesians 2 say about our past as children? How did our position change after the new birth (Romans 8:15)?

4.    What was Nicodemus answer to Jesus declaration? Jesus spoke a spiritual truth but Nicodemus understood it as a natural reality. What has been your answer or reaction to the spiritual revelations Jesus has given you? Have you used your rational thinking and wondering about your immediate needs (family, finances, health, work, career, intellect, etc) and consequences? Or have you used these truths to analyze and evaluate your character, attitudes, weaknesses, those areas that were not taken to the cross, those areas you still have in control? Why not take some time now to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to shine light into what is in darkness (things you are aware and unaware of) and those areas your Ego still has the control?


1)- Rabbi – (Gr. rhabbi) – my great one, my honorable lord; a title used by Jews to address their teachers and masters (also to honor them when not addressing them).

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